2 plus years

2 plus years experience in design and animate 2D and 3D motion graphics.

Motion Graphics Artist
2 plus years.

An outstanding organiser with foresight, capable of meticulously finding the right practical solutions to laying out the set and properties.

Art Director
2 plus years.Willingness or a passion for travel would be an added advantage.

Young men and women with pleasing personalities to efficiently anchor riveting programs.

2 plus years

Thorough professionals that delivers results.

Make-up Artists
1 plus years in visual media. Freshers can also apply.

Intelligently assist program producers while quickly learning to work independently – a team-player willing to go the extra mile when called for.

Assistant Program Producers
3 plus years in visual media

Independently handle every aspect of program production efficiently with a commitment to excel. A responsible team-player and a go-getter.

Program Producers
2 plus years in visual media

Penchant for delivering appropriately modulated voice over for Malayalam scripts effectively and quickly.

Voice over Artists
2 plus years. Journalistic skillsets would be an added advantage.

Talented writers capable of turning out effective scripts in Malayalam with an aptitude for adapting to varying styles of writing and willing to meet deadlines.

Script Writers
2 plus years. Experience in visual media would be an added advantage.

Skilfully operate television, video, or motion picture cameras for video productions and TV broadcasts.

2 plus years. Experience and operating skills with FCP X would be an added advantage. Freshers can also apply.

Experts in delivering intelligently edited, superb quality and ready-to-air videos quickly and efficiently using FCP (Final Cut Pro) workstations.

Video Editors
Type in Malayalam
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